Individual Sessions

As the saying goes, “As it goes into the forest, so it goes out.”

But how are we to call out into the forest when we feel misunderstood, when we expect an answer but none comes? We become more violent and angry, and in the end, perhaps self-righteous and loud. Eventually the forest will respond, but certainly not in the way we imagine.

We feel unseen, misunderstood and can no longer see the forest for the trees.

In terms of partnership, the trees are the many little things on the surface that irritate or upset us about our partner. They are qualities that we believe if the partner would change them, our life would be fine.

If only it were that simple.

The fact is: a partnership consists of two people and one of them is us.

If we change, our relationships change.

Individual sessions are the opportunity to reflect on our behavior and our blind spots in the partnership but also in life outside, to recognize patterns and, if necessary, to change them. Because often it is we ourselves who don’t see ourselves, who take on too much and end up not appreciating it.

We have lost ourselves in our best intentions. We wait to be seen and recognized, but in the process we are only a shadow of ourselves. We have forgotten our own light.

Individual sessions can help to illuminate the darkness, to find our own home again and not to seek happiness on the outside.

Individual sessions with Anja Grunert can take place in the practice in Zurich or online via Skype / Zoom / Teams and telephone.