Relationship Coaching via Phone, Zoom, Teams and Skype

At first, I had a hard time imagining offering couples counseling and coaching over the phone or Skype as well.

Then a client who urgently wanted an appointment with me asked me, “Is it also possible to have a conversation with them by phone?”

To my astonishment, this worked very well and over time I realized that online counseling also has advantages: you are in your familiar environment, the appointment is flexible and independent of location.

It is also possible to have a mix of face-to-face meetings in the office and via Skype / WhatsApp / Teams / Zoom or by phone.

If you are interested, please contact me by phone without obligation – this way you will hear my voice in advance and we will see if I can help you with your request and if the chemistry between us is right.

This offer is also expressly aimed at couples, because it can be a good opportunity to get together for relationship coaching, especially if one or both partners are often on the road.