Two to Two

We are not the same – no translator, no dictionary and no instruction manual will help. We are man and woman. Every woman will understand a woman better than her partner, and every man will find another man’s concerns clearer than his partner.

This dichotomy makes partnerships exciting and equally complicated. After all, we not only differ physically, we perceive differently, we often have different demands and expectations of relationships and life.

Then there are the general differences between people: Some people resonate more with their feelings, others base their decisions more on external facts. Some are more closed others are more open. There are countless such polarities and none is better or worse.

With our offer of “Two to Two” we want to close the gap in perception and communication between couples.

We too fought and argued, we were often desperate and had to rediscover our love again and again. We know, just like you, the dark days and the light days – the joy, the anger and the pain.

Finally, we went on the road and separated after eighteen years of partnership. Nevertheless, we continue to work together.

In the encounter we feel deep connection but also many uncertainties. It is a feeling of not knowing, which we can only meet with goodwill and tolerance.

If you feel alone now, surrounded by seemingly happy couples, rest assured: The ups and downs of every relationship are very similar at their core, and every partnership knows difficult times.

We know and live what we are talking about.

But what is much more crucial than the ups and downs of your love is how you handle it. You can grow with each other, develop, or you can be resigned and bitterly struggle for the rest of your life in the hamster wheel of everyday routine.

Whatever you do, you will have good reasons for your path.

However, the fact that you have reached our homepage shows that a flame is burning in you. That you remember your love and do not want to give up yet. It is a sign of your will and courage to see the current difficulties in your partnership as a challenge and not as a problem.

From our experience with over 2,500 couples over the last 14 years, we have decided to offer almost only two to two sessions. Experience has taught us that a single person often slips between the chairs. A single therapist in such moments is often more concerned with balancing attention than with the actual difficulties of the couple.

In Berlin and Zurich we also offer an intensive workshop over 2 ½ days for individual couples.