Challenges and longings in partnerships are more similar than we believe.

In times of crisis, however, we often have the feeling that we are alone with our backs against the wall.

We feel lonely together , despair, want to run away, but we don’t know where.

The question of what happened to the great love from the beginning becomes agonizing and “I can’t with you, but I can’t without you either” begins to determine life.

We are looking for a position determination and tools that give us orientation. Above all, however, we need a courageous heart that is willing to open up, give itself away and is not afraid to be hurt.

Relationship coaching is a way back to ourselves and creates opportunities in which a partnership can unfold.

Often you will already see light at the end of the tunnel after the first session and after four to six sessions you will have acquired the skills to largely master future everyday relationships.

After more than 2,500 couples visiting our practice in the last 14 years, our approach is more and more confirmed.

Anja Grunert
Anja und Rainer

Our Offers

Relationship Coaching

Think of your partnership as mobile. You are the characters in it – whether you want to be or not. Every action and movement, every thought of one affects the other.

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Two to Two

We are not the same – no translator will help. Every woman will understand a woman better than her partner, and every man will find another man’s concerns clearer than his partner.

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Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are the opportunity to reflect on our behavior and our blind spots in the partnership but also in life outside, to recognize patterns and, if necessary, to change them.

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Very few people want to stay alone all their lives. Therefore, in most of us, the longing for another person grows from time to time. The world of possibilities seems limitless.

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Online Sessions

This offer is also expressly aimed at couples, because it can be a good opportunity to get together for relationship coaching, especially if one or both partners are often on the road.

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Intensive Couple Workshop

Courage for truth is an intensive encounter with lost integrity and truth. It is a way of meeting oneself through partnership, developing the courage to express needs and positioning oneself clearly.

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Process and a Model for Relationships

Process of a Relationship Coaching

Every relationship is as individual as the people who lead it. Respect for this uniqueness makes a standardized approach impossible.
Nevertheless, we are often asked for an assessment of the duration and scope, and it is the legitimate concern of those seeking support to get an orientation on what they are getting themselves into. A counseling cycle usually consists of four to six sessions

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A Model for Relationships and Partnership

From what angle do we look at love and freedom: from a selfish, from a strictly moral or from a libertarian one?
However, one thing is certain: the perspective from which we look at these seemingly simple terms is shaped by our biography and culture. And since everyone grew up and developed differently, the common understanding will only ever be an approximation.

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About us

Anja Grunert

At some point I stopped feeling me: my aliveness, my overflowing love, all my juice.
It was a creeping process. The longing for an infinitely deep, wide ocean became a swamp of rules, reason and conventions.
I disappeared more and more, hiding the last vestige of aliveness.

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About us

The concept of “couple to couple” arose from our personal experience. A space in which the balance is maintained by itself, since the feminine and the masculine, the rational and the emotional, the worldly and the spiritual are represented in equal parts. We don’t know where this life will take us, but that’s where all the chances and possibilities lie.

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Rainer Grunert

I am probably a dreamer, because until today I have not given up the belief in love. Already in puberty, I threw myself again and again into the confusing whirlpool of romance and magic and was disappointed accordingly often. I had to learn that the world outside of me ticks differently than my desire.

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Anja & Rainer Grunert
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