About Us


It is very likely that we have had experiences in our own relationship much like yours.

We came together out of our love, but we made our lives difficult for ourselves. We searched for harmony and intimacy, but as if out of nowhere dark clouds arose, ruining what we were working on.

We are like any couple – we laugh and we argue, we love and we fight.

In this context, the couples therapist Lukas Möller once wrote: “Everything that happens in a relationship, as painful as it may be for the individuals, is the result of an unconscious collaborative action.”

To really appreciate that – not just to understand the words –  is the largest challenge of every relationship.

It demands that we fearlessly confront demons that arise from our unique life histories and our individual experience, that we do not run away but meet them face to face, as courageously as we are able.

While that does not always work, it often does.

What holds us together, in spite of all of our conflicts, is a deep “yes” for each other, rooted in our hearts and bodies. It is a belief in our love and the knowledge that even with another partner it would not get any better.

We have decided to grow with one another and, when necessary, to support each other – to hold and put up with each another – through good times and bad.

Our offerings for relationship and marriage counseling:

Couple to Couple
Woman to Woman
Man to Man