Woman to Woman

Nearly every woman feels conflicted about her body – at the very least in the morning, when sleep is still in her eyes, or late at night, when the worries of the day have etched themselves into her face.

Women strive for perfection, and this drive extends to all areas of their lives: a perfect home, vibrant familial events, motherhood, the pursuit of a successful career, and, of course, amazing sex.

Amidst all this, what we forget about most commonly is ourselves. Our own needs, our self-love, and the space we need for our own self-realization.

At a certain point, even the highest level of perfection cannot disguise our inner emptiness. Many of us lost the feeling of being alive within our own bodies from a very early age. It was exchanged for praise and false love.

We have even learned how to smile when we felt like crying or screaming. We have learned to check our anger, to grin and bear it – even though our anger has not disappeared.

Rather, it has become frozen in our bodies, and now separates us from our own vitality and creativity. It stands in between us and others, and the more we smile, the more we realize that this smile is false. But there appears to be no solution in sight.

“From Woman to Woman” offers the chance to re-establish contact with your own feelings, and in doing so, to feel your body anew. It also focuses on fostering your connection to your female power and intuition, so that fearful control can become trustful and free-flowing devotion. Not devotion to a man, but rather to yourself.

A woman who loves herself – more than any man – is able to make a gift of herself and her love; she can give freely.

For most women, the path to this freedom is through their bodies. I combine my experience as a body therapist with psychotherapeutic techniques, offering an intuitive path to release and self-acceptance.

It is a gift that you give to yourself.

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