Man to Man

“When is a man a man?” sings Herbert Grönemeyer in his song “Men,” thereby posing what has become an existential question for men in a time when the borders between masculinity and femininity are disappearing almost unnoticed.

For it is only when I realize what being a man means to me and have developed a clear masculine identity that I can enter into honest and clear relationships with women, as with men.

If, however, it remains unclear to me what it means to be a man, then my relationships will remain unclear, encounters that are not felt as trustworthy.

In “From Man to Man” sessions you will find the opportunity to confront the masks you wear and discover your own unique, masculine identity through collaborative work. You will come to understand why you equivocate and hesitate to take control over your relationship. You will recognize why you play with women, but also why you are afraid of them.

If you continue, you will develop true presence – the condition for regaining the position you have lost in your relationship.

Accepting your role as a man without any inner doubt is the foundation that allows your partner to trust and follow you – wherever you decide to go, whatever you decide to do.

Are you ready?

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