Couple to Couple

We are unequal – there is no translator, no dictionary, and certainly no user’s manual for the opposite gender.

Another woman will always understand a woman better than her partner of many years, and every man will find better words to describe the needs and desires of another man than a woman will.

The aim of our trainings “From Couple to Couple” is to reduce misunderstandings and mistakes in communication between genders.

And who could understand one couple better than another couple?

We have also argued and lost hope, wanted to break up and then re-kindled our love. We know – just as you do – the bright and dark days, the joy, the anger, and the pain.

If you have the feeling of being alone in your feelings, standing there surrounded by loud, seemingly happy couples, then know this: The highs and lows of every relationship are very similar at their cores, and every relationship goes through difficult times.

What is much more important than the ups and downs of your relationship, however, is the way you deal with them. You have the option of growing together, and developing yourself and your relationship, or you can choose the opposite and throw in the towel.

Whatever you do decide, you will have good reasons for your decision.

The fact that you have reached our homepage, however, proves that there is a flame burning within you.

You remember your love, and are not quite ready to give up on it. It is a sign of your determination and courage to recognize the current difficulties in your relationship as challenges, not problems.

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