Couple Counseling

Mobile: Paarberatung und Eheberatung - Paartherapie und Sexualberatung - Systemische Familien-Therapie

Imagine your relationship as a mobile.

Each of you is a figure inside that mobile, regardless of whether you want to be or not. Every movement, every thought of the one affects the other.

You can struggle all you want, demanding your freedom and independence, but you will remain only one single figure in the mobile, drifting in the breeze.

It is the same with your partner. But it is not just the two of you who hang in the mobile.

Your entire past is also there, your father, your mother, your affairs – even the ones that were only dreams. Your colleagues, your ideals, your plans for the future, your sexual preferences and dislikes, your deepest misgivings and fears are all there.

The goal of relationship coaching is to understand this mobile, the dynamics of your relationship.

You can only change the things that you understand, and anything you cannot change you will at least be able to name.

Relationship coaching is not psychotherapy but practical work that shows very concretely where you and your partner stand.

You will learn how most relationships fall apart, and how your actions are the cause of these patterns, even though you try again and again to do things differently. You will come to recognize why all of your efforts to be a “good man” or a “good woman”  will necessarily fail. And you will learn how you betray yourself in your own relationship from day to day.

As soon as you come to terms with the stationary wheel you have been running on for your entire life, change will come by itself. You will then, naturally and simply, do exactly the right thing.

That may sound simple, but it will require all of your courage – courage to discover your truth.