The challenges – as well as the desires – that we all experience in our relationships are often more similar than we think.

In spite of this, during times of crisis we often feel completely alone, with our backs to the wall.

We grow desperate and want to run away, but do not know where to go.

The question of what happened to the great love we shared at the beginning tortures us, and the thought “I cannot be with you, but I can’t be without you” begins to determine our life. We look to our partner, but he or she is more or less helpless. We have lost our way and are now in the middle of the relationship jungle, without a map or compass.

We need to determine where we are right now, and we need tools over the medium-term to give us an orientation and focus.

Relationship-coaching accomplishes both of these tasks: It is a way back to ourselves, and it creates a space where the gift of our relationship can gradually flourish again.

Usually even after the first session you will see a light at the end of the tunnel, and after four or five sessions you will have gained the ability to calmly navigate the future course of your relationship.

Our offerings for relationship and marriage counseling:

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