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With today's international schools, relocating hardly poses a problem for a family's children.

But what about your relationship?

It's obvious that you have reliable agreements, well negotiated roles, and up until now, everything has worked well: One person puts his or her career on hold, secretly marking his or her sacrifices down in a ledger. At some point it will come to light and will surely lead to a crisis of no small size.

But even if you have negotiated a more or less transparent partnership agreement down to the fine print, you are not immune to the normal pitfalls to which every relationship is prone.

The work-live balance is thrown off kilter, role expectations as a parent and a partner begin to have negative effects on desire, communication falls by the wayside, becoming unpleasant or even disrespectful.

A few sessions of relationship counseling often help in this case, especially when you're guided by a couple familiar with your needs and life as expats.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could look back at your life and say, like Lee Iacocca: “Yes, I made a career. But compared to my family it seems insignificant to me.”