Rainer Grunert – Résumé

Rainer Grunert - Mann zu Mann - Paarberatung und Eheberatung - Paartherapie und Sexualberatung - Beziehungs-Coaching

Master of psychology and business management

Behavioral therapist (with German licensure)
Systemic family therapist


Matura (higher school certificate) (Frankfurt)

Typesetting Apprenticeship (Frankfurt)

1983 – 1986
Business Management studies (Frankfurt)

1986 – 1991
Psychology studies (Berlin)

Additional training and workshops (in alphabetical order)

Behavioral Therapy (Berlin)
Bio-energetics according to Lowen (Berlin)
Body work according to Goralewski (Berlin)
Body-oriented psychotherapy (Cologne)
Change Management (Frankfurt)
Coaching (Cologne)
De-hypnosis according to Wolinsky (Freiburg)
Essence work according to Almaas and Faisal (Pettenasco, Cologne)
Leadership Coaching (Berlin)
Men’s work and Partner training according to Deida (Boulder, CO)
NLP Master (Cologne)
Partner Therapy according to Bader and Pearson (San Francisco CA)
Sex therapy according to “Approche Sexocorporelle” (Zurich)
Systemic Family Therapy according to Satir (Weinheim)
Tantra (Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich)

Occupational History

1991 – 1993
Technical leader of a print shop (Hamburg)

1993 – 1997
Managing Director and Development Manager of a software development startup (Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt)

1997 – 2002
Management Consultant for an international management consulting firm (Frankfurt)

2002 – 2006  
Contracted manager for international businesses (Frankfurt, Munich, Basel, Zurich)

Since 2007
Self-employed as a coach and advisor (Zurich)


2008 Pain or Passion (Innenwelt Publishing)
2009 The Guide to Perfect Happiness (Windpferd Publishing)
2009 A Vision of a Fair Economic Order (Windpferd Publishing)

Developed Trainings (in alphabetical order)

Anti-bullying for victims
Change Management
Communication and group ability  
Creativity Techniques – Train the Trainer
Dealing with Conflicts – Train the Trainer
De-escalation techniques for police operations
Harnessing Your Own Power
Introduction to Process Management
Introduction to NLP
Organizational Development – Train the Trainer
Pain or Passion – Partner Training
Project Management – Train the Trainer
Requirement Engineering
The Stumbling Blocks of Intimacy – Partner Training
Therapeutic Techniques for Healing Professions
Think Tanks
Time Management
Training in Leadership – Coaching